5 Lions Gold Slot Review 2024

5 Lions Gold
Casino Welcome Offer 100% up to €100 + 100 Free Spins

About 5 Lion Gold Slot 

5 Lions Gold is like a fresh and upgraded version of the original 5 Lions slot by Pragmatic Play. It's pretty much a twin when it comes to looks, featuring similar graphics. But the big change is in how you play the game. It's a step up from the original, offering more ways to win, so if you had fun with the first 5 Lions, you'll definitely want to try your luck with this one.

Both of these online  slots have 243 ways to win, spread out on 5 reels and 3 rows. The big difference is that 5 Lions Gold brings in a jackpot feature, and there are some variations in the prizes you can score as well as in how much you can expect to win. Speaking of wins, you could pocket anywhere from 95.64% to 96.52% of your cash back in this new version, all thanks to that jackpot twist. The game's quite the hit, and you can get started with low bets, making it friendly to players with a small budget. 

Game Rules

5 Lions Gold is like any typical online slot that requires you to match at least three on the reels to land a win. The idea is to place your bet and hope the symbols line up in a way that wins you some cash. The game’s betting options are suitable for players of all budget types starting from as low as 0.18 and up to €90.

How To Play This Game 

Playing 5 Lions Gold is really easy to do. It's a slot game with 243 ways to win, so you've got lots of chances to score prizes. 

  • To get in on the action, you can start betting with as little as €0.18 and go up to €90. 
  • If you don't feel like hitting the spin button every time, there's an autoplay feature that can do up to 100 spins for you. You can even set limits on how much you're willing to lose or how much you want to win in a single spin.
  • And if you're in a hurry, you've got two spin speeds to choose from – a quick spin and a turbo spin. 
  • Once you've set your bet and any limits, just hit that spin button, and you're off.

Game Symbols 

In 5 Lions Gold, you will find regular game symbols and there are some important symbols to know. The Wild symbol is the Lion, and it's a real game-changer. During Free Spins, it can boost your wins with a random multiplier – that means bigger prizes!

Now, there's the Yin Yang symbol, and that's the Scatter. It's like a special key to unlock cool bonuses. But aside from those, there are 11 regular symbols in the game. The Dragon is the top one, and it's super valuable, giving you 7 times your bet if you get 5 of them in a row. After that, you've got the Phoenix, Frog, Fish, and Tortoise, which are also worth a good amount. And then, there are the lower-value symbols – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9. So, it's a mix of high and low-value symbols, but the Lion and Yin Yang are the ones to watch out for to make the game extra exciting!

Special Bonus Features

5 Lions Gold comes with three cool features that make the game extra interesting.

Golden Reels Jackpot

This feature can pop up in the regular game or during Free Spins. If you're lucky and get 3 golden reels, you win the Minor Jackpot, which is 15 times your total bet. Get 4 golden reels, and you grab the Major Jackpot, which is 150 times your bet. But the real deal is when all 5 reels turn gold, that's when you hit the Grand Jackpot and score a massive 2,000 times your bet!

Cashien Random Award.

This surprise feature can show up at any time, in the main game or Free Spins. It might give you Free Spins, or it might lead you to the Jackpot Bonus game, where you have to match 3 symbols to win a jackpot.

Free Spins

To get these, you need 3 Scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. But the twist is that there are seven different kinds of Free Spins, each with its own mix of spins and multipliers. You can get up to 25 Free Spins with different multipliers, and if you're really lucky, you can retrigger more Free Spins. 

Game Theme Design and Sound 

The game's design is rather ordinary, without any distinctive visual elements or a unique narrative twist. It features a static Oriental-themed background with waves and clouds, and the background music is unremarkable.

The game's visuals are not in 3D and can be described as bright and eye-catching. However, it lacks that extra spice to make it stand out. It's not particularly better designed than other games on the market, as it sticks to a generic theme.

In terms of sound, the game offers a soundtrack that fits the Oriental theme, but it's not particularly memorable or innovative. It's what you'd expect from a typical slot game.

The game's main effects are limited, with golden lions and yin-yang symbols serving as key elements to trigger bonus features. These elements do add some excitement to the gameplay, but the overall design and sound don't make the game exceptional.

My experience playing this game in relation to its theme, design, and sound has been rather average. While it offers some fun with its bonus features, it doesn't excel in terms of visual design or sound quality when compared to other slot games on the market.


Overall, 5 Lions Gold has all the good stuff from the original game, that cool Chinese folklore theme is still there, but now you've got more ways to win. With jackpots and bonus games, it really adds a dash of excitement to the classic fun.

Keep in mind that since this is a jackpot game, the money you get back can vary from 95.64% to 96.52%. It's a high-volatility slot, so you could score big, but it might not happen as often as in other games.

The cool part is that you can win up to 7,000 times your bet, and there's also that jackpot waiting to be triggered. Plus, you can play it on pretty much any device including your phone, tablet, or computer. It's easy to get into, and the extra features, like free spins and bonuses, make it worth a spin!