Nirvana Slot Review 2024

Nirvana Slot
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Bettingtop10 Nirvana Slot Review Free Spins, RTP & Features

The Nirvana online slots game, themed around magic, was released in October 2016 and remains popular at online casinos. Exciting features are combined within it, like auto nudges, linked reels, scatters and free spins. 

The slot game welcomes players into the valley of the three goddesses of Nirvana, with five reels and 20 pay lines. The slot's volatility is rated Medium-High with a maximum payout of €80,000, and free spins start at 10. 

Software provider Yggdrasil has been around since 2013, and their games operate in many European jurisdictions. They boast many popular online slot games, and their titles are commonly found at leading casinos. 

The award-winning provider is an innovative developer who has video slots like Lotus Warrior, Enhanced Waters and Nirvana and supplies table game titles to online casinos. 

Game Rules

The theme of the Nirvana slot game is a zen and magical platform whose purpose is to chase down the three goddesses. There are three main bonus features in the Nirvana slot. Those bonuses are Wild Seeds, Mega Reel and Nudge Reels. 

Each feature is represented by one of the Nirvana goddesses who reside in their tranquil valley. Players try to chase the Goddesses via spins on the Nirvana online slots game to bring them forward to use their individual powers or, ideally, combine all three of their abilities. 

The combinations are more likely to turn play into big wins. There are Free Spins on the slot, indicated by a pink lotus flower and Wild’s, which are green gems. 

There is a Max Bet button, an Autoplay option for quick play, and the Coin Value +/- option can be set from 0.01 to a maximum of 5.00. A minimum stake of €0.20 per spin exists on the title. 

How To Play Nirvana Slots

The gameplay mechanics of the Nirvana slot are pretty straightforward. Here is a quick walkthrough of how to play this Yggdrasil title.

Set The Level Of Play

At the bottom of the slot is the option to set the coin's value - click the +/- button to adjust. Players can also switch between the Coin Value and Cash Bet by clicking the button. 


Start The Game

After setting the value of your stake, the main circled arrow button will initiate an individual spin. The smaller circled arrow with the play triangle icon will start the autoplay feature rolling. Alternatively, the Max Bet button can be selected.

Match Up The Symbols

The mystical creatures or the gems can be matched for payouts across the board in the Nirvana online slot game.

Activate Wilds

If there are at least two Wild Cells after the spin, then that will activate one of the Goddesses that will appear and give you the bonus automatically.


Earn Goddess Interventions

As with many casino games, the Wilds build towards the big payouts in the Nirvana Slots. There are three Goddesses, each with a unique talent to push you towards the big wins. Players can select which goddess to use for at least three connected Free Spin symbols in a spin. 


You can add another goddess into the mix if three or more Free Spin symbols appear while playing in Free Spin mode. If, during that time, at least another three Free Spin symbols come up, the re-trigger adds the third goddess. For each goddess added, the Free Spin counter gets reset to 10.

Game Symbols

The symbols in the Nirvana online slot game look great and fit nicely with the theme. The basic creatures and gem symbols are linked from left to right to create a payout from the left. As seen in the following table, the levels of the creature symbols make them more valuable than the gems.


2 - 1 Free Spin

3 - 10 Free Spins

4 - 10 Free Spins + 1000 Coins

5 - 10 Free Spins  + 5000 Coins

Two Free Spin symbols return a bonus spin. Three or more free spins is where the magic happens as it triggers the bonus mode where the player picks which goddess to use. Re-trigger opportunities potentially add further advantages while in the Free Spin mode.

Wild symbols are also in play, and they are a vital element, as with many slot games. The Wilds will substitute all symbols besides the Free Spin cells. If a wild substitutes more than one symbol in a winning combo, it will count as the highest-paying one it replaces.

Special Bonus Features

Three special bonus features appear within the game. These are where the most significant payouts from the title come from, as is common in these casino games.

The Free Spin symbols only trigger the features, with the biggest benefit coming from hitting at least three in one spin. You will have a choice of which feature to select for at least three Free Spin symbols.

Wild Seeds: This unique scatter feature will produce 2-4 extra Wild symbols on your spin in random spots (won’t cover Wilds or Free spins). This feature has the highest win frequency, with a medium chance of both win potential and re-triggers. 

Mega Reel: The Mega Reel features three synced reels in the middle. There is a medium win frequency with this bonus and the lowest re-trigger chance, but it has the highest win potential of all features. 

Wild Reels: Once the reels have stopped, one of them will be nudged in either direction to give you the best possible outcome. If no better outcome is possible, it won’t nudge. Out of the three features, it is in the middle for win frequency, with a low win potential but the highest re-trigger chance.

Combo: The combination of bonus features in slot games is the key to success, and in the Nirvana slot, the way to unlock this is by spinning at least three Free Spin symbols with a bonus spin. Doing so means playing with several features simultaneously, with a potential re-trigger to activate all three features simultaneously.

Game Theme Design & Sound

The first noticeable thing about the Nirvana online slot game is its chill music. As the name of the title suggests, this isn’t a theme where you would expect lots of big dynamic sounds from the gameplay. Instead, it is soothing tinkling sounds that accompany a combo.

The graphics are very nice from this Yggdrasil title - the main play area is set against a misty, magical world background. The colour choices are muted, toning down any sharpness and brightness which could have crept in.

Symbols are kept very simple, so the screen for play is easy to keep up with. The Goddesses appear when triggered to cast their spell. They are only there briefly, so don’t interfere or cause long pauses in the gameplay.

Winning combinations and bonuses are highlighted by golden frames, along with the amount of payout won from the line. It does an excellent job of creating a peaceful and relaxing vibe, just as you would expect in online slot games that veer down this chilled path.

The gameplay is excellent and straightforward, with no live-action or animation happening. In this regard, the simplicity makes everything fit together nicely for the title. There are certainly casino games out there that are more brash and bold in their approach. 


Nirvana is one of those online slot games that probably won't get you jumping out of your seat by taking you on a big thrill ride. It’s very basic and straightforward, but the positives are that it is accessible across any platform and is just a calm playing experience.

The bonus features are great, and the real excitement kicks in when the re-trigger opportunities present themselves so that you can combine all the powers of the Goddesses. As far as online slots go, the title is very playable and optimised for mobile play.

The volatility of the Nirvana online slots game is medium-high, with a 96.2% RPT, which in our experience, it’s not a video slot title to expect big payouts from, certainly not with any frequency. It’s a solid, enjoyable game for smaller returns without that expectancy.  

Everything works in an excellent package for a relaxing game, and the Nirvana slots title is commonly found at leading online casinos. It has the feel of being the type of slot game suited to many beginner players, as it’s not frantic, and you can pay attention to the action.