Sweet Bonanza Online Slot Review

sweet bonanza
Sweet Bonanza Online Slot
50% up to €150
+ 50 free spins

About Sweet Bonanza Slot

Sweet Bonanza isn't one of your typical online slot games  with reels and fixed paylines. It's a bit different and more exciting. This game takes you to a candy wonderland filled with huge win potentials of up to 21,175 times your bet. This popular game was created by Pragmatic Play and plays on a colourful 6x5 game board. 

During gameplay, you can trigger Free Spins by landing lollipop symbols on your screen. Whenever that happens, rainbow bombs come into play, multiplying your winnings. If you're feeling extra lucky and don't want to wait, you can buy the bonus feature on Sweet Bonanza to jump right into the action. 

Game Rules

Sweet Bonanza is an easy-to-understand online slot game. It's not like regular online slots with specific paylines that must be active for you to create a winning combination. In this online slot, you win by getting the same symbol 8 times, and it doesn't matter where they land on the reels. They can be anywhere! Additionally, you can even get combinations of different symbols on the same reel, which gives you even more chances to win.

Now, let's talk about how much you can bet. You can play this game with a flexible budget. The smallest bet you can make is €0.2, which is great if you're on a tighter budget. But if you're feeling more adventurous and have a bigger budget, you can go up to €100.

How To Play Sweet Bonanza Slot 

Getting started with the Sweet Bonanza online slot is a breeze. Here's a simple guide to help you kick off your game:

  • Load the Game: Open the game, and if you want to know the rules and how much you can win, click on the 'i' button to check out the info.
  • Adjust Your Settings: When the game loads up, you will find three three lines to adjust your settings. Click on them to set things like how much you want to bet, sound preferences, quick spins, and even a battery saver option.
  • Set Your Budget: As with most online slots, always decide how much you want to spend in your gaming session. 
  • Place Your Bet: When it comes to how much you can bet, it's pretty flexible. The smallest coin value is just 0.01, and you can go up to 0.50. If you go all in with a max bet of 10 and the highest  coin value, your total wager can be as much as 100. But if you're playing it safe, with the minimum bet of 1 and the smallest coin value, your total wager would be just 0.20. Adjusting your bets is as easy as clicking the + and - buttons next to the spin
  • Autoplay Option: If you don't feel like hitting the spin button every time, there's an 'Autoplay' feature. You can choose how many spins you want it to spin the reels, anywhere from 10 to 1,000 times, and even set limits for when to stop.
  • Start Playing: Once you're ready, just click 'Play,' and remember to play responsibly.

Game Symbols 

Sweet Bonanza is an exciting slot that comes with yummy symbols. You'll see fruits like bananas, grapes, melons, plums, and apples. But the real treat is the colourful candies – green, blue, and purple ones. Among them, the red candy is the star. When you get 8 or 9 of these symbols anywhere on the reels, you win a nice prize, like 10 to 25 times your bet. However, if you collect more than 10 of these same symbols, your win potential gets even bigger, up to 50 times your bet.

SymbolValue for 8+Value for 10+Value for 12+
Banana0.25x the stake0.75x the stake2x the stake
Grapes0.4x the stake0.9x the stake4x the stake
Watermelon0.5x the stake1x the stake5x the stake
Plum0.8x the stake1.2x the stake8x the stake
Apple1x the stake1.5x the stake10x the stake
Blue Candy1.5x the stake2x the stake12x the stake
Green Candy2x the stake5x the stake15x the stake
Purple Candy2.5x the stake10x the stake25x the stake
Red Candy10x the stake25x the stake50x the stake

Special Bonus Features

In the Sweet Bonanza online slot game, the real excitement comes from its special bonus features that can boost your chances of winning big:

  • Tumble Feature: This feature is active both during the regular game and free spins. When you get a winning combination, those symbols vanish, and new ones fall in to fill the gaps. This can keep happening over and over, giving you lots of chances to win, with no limit on how many times it can occur.
  • Free Spins: The Free Spins bonus is the highlight of this online slot. To trigger it, you just need to land 4 or more Scatter symbols on the reels during a regular spin. You'll get a cash payout of 3x up to 100x the stake if you're able to land 6 scatters, and then you'll enjoy 10 free spins. If you're lucky, you can extend your free spins by landing more Scatters during the bonus round, which gives +5 additional spins.
  • Multiplier: During the Free Spins, there are special Multiplier symbols that can show up. These symbols carry random multiplier values, as high as 100x! When they appear, they boost your winnings by applying that multiplier to your combinations. You can even have multiple Multiplier symbols in a single win, and their values add up!
  • Ante Bet: This is like an extra bet that gives you a better shot at triggering free spins. It increases your wager by 25% but adds more Scatter symbols to the reels, doubling your chances of starting the exciting free spins round.
  • Bonus Buy: If you're feeling extra lucky and don't want to wait, you can buy your way into the free games with the Bonus Buy feature. Paying 100x your base stake gets you instant access to the bonus game. But keep in mind, this option might not be available everywhere, depending on the casino's rules.

Game Theme Design and Sound 

The first thing you'll notice about Sweet Bonanza slot is how colourful and vibrant it is. It's all about sweets and treats, and the visuals are bursting with bright, lively colours. The game creates a fun and cheerful atmosphere with its playful theme.

The design of the game is more of a playful, cartoonish style. The background is like a candy wonderland with fluffy pink clouds in the foreground and a blue sky with rolling clouds above. The reels are filled with fruits like apples, plums, bananas, and grapes. While it's not a 3D game, it does have a three-dimensional look to it, giving it a unique charm.

The sound in Sweet Bonanza adds to the overall experience. There's a cheerful soundtrack that accompanies your spins, putting a smile on your face as you play. The sound effects are dreamy and transport you to a world of sweets.

Unlike other online slots, Sweet Bonanza stands out with its visually stunning design and cheerful sound. It's a game that's been created with mobile players in mind, and it performs smoothly on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

In my experience playing Sweet Bonanza, the theme, design, and sound create an enjoyable and immersive gaming environment. The colourful visuals and upbeat soundtrack make it a delight to play, and the game's design sets it apart from many others in the market. Overall, it is one of the fun and visually appealing online slots to play.


Sweet Bonanza might seem like one of the classic online slots, but it's packed with excitement. What makes it stand out is its unique Pay Any Way style, which means you can win in lots of different ways. Plus, the free spins bonus is fantastic. It gives you a shot at massive multipliers that can boost your prizes by up to 100 times.

The game has a decent 96.48% RTP, which is pretty good for this type of slot. However, it has a medium to high volatility setting, which means a bit of effort would be required to get lucky with the slot.