BTTS Meaning Explained

BTTS Meaning Explained

The world of sports betting has never been so diverse, with an array of different betting options available to punters outside of simply betting on the outcome of a certain fixture. Born out of the burgeoning football betting market, one popular type of bet that has boomed in recent years is known as ‘BTTS betting’, which stands for backing ‘Both Teams To Score’ in a particular game.

Read on for a comprehensive rundown of BTTS betting, its meaning and what factors to consider when looking to place a both teams to score bet:

What does BTTS stand for and how does it work?

As mentioned, BTTS is an abbreviation of the term ‘Both Teams To Score’, which couldn’t be simpler in its rationale – it is a bet on whether both teams will score in any given fixture.

This type of bet is most commonly seen in the world of football, as clean sheets occur frequently but it can also be seen in other sports such as hockey and ice hockey.

One of the key concepts behind a BTTS bet, is that punters are backing both teams to score at least one goal in the game and the actual result of the fixture does not matter.

Working example: If a BTTS bet is placed on a football match between Manchester City and Liverpool and the final score is 2-1 to Manchester City, the BTTS bet will be a winner, as both teams scored at least one goal each. However, if the final score is 1-0 to either side or 0-0, the BTTS bet will be a loss, simply because both teams didn’t score in the game.

As with any betting strategy or tactic, there are a multitude of things to consider for punters when deciding whether to place the bet or not.

Factors to consider when placing a BTTS bet

Defensive and Attacking Strategies

When looking at whether to place a BTTS bet or not, doing some basic research on the tactical approaches of both sides involved in the game is essential.

From a defensive point of view, it is crucial to consider the defensive capabilities of both teams and If one team has a strong defence and has not conceded many goals in recent matches, it may be less likely that both teams will score in this particular game. By the same rationale. If a team has a strengths that lie in attacking areas and have a lot of goals in recent matches, it may be more likely that both teams will score.


Leading on from the overall tactical approach to BTTS betting is form. Throughout a season or competition, players and teams will meander in and out of form, so check if both teams are in good or bad form prior to the match and do the research as to whether they have been scoring a lot of goals in recent matches, or if they have been keeping lots of clean sheets.

Head to Head Records

Whilst it statistically has no bearing on an upcoming match, trends and patterns may be visible when looking at the head to head records between two teams. A certain match up may yield more or less goals, depending on the teams involved and being informed about how each teams play against each other can also be useful.

Match Context

Understanding exactly what each team is trying to achieve from any given match, can also help when it comes to BTTS betting. If a smaller team is travelling to a bigger team, they may choose to play for a draw from the off – making it less likely that they will play on the front foot and look to score themselves. In addition, if the match is part of a cup competition, teams may be more focused on winning the match than scoring goals, which can also impact the likelihood of both teams scoring.

Advantages of BTTS Betting

One of the biggest advantages of BTTS betting is that it is straightforward in its concept. The only jeopardy surrounding the bet is whether both teams will score, or whether they won’t – meaning punters don’t need to worry about the match result or which player actually scored the goal.

In addition, BTTS betting can also yield some more lucrative odds – with players not selecting which team they think will win the match but rather selecting whether they believe a certain team will score a goal.


With the world of sports betting continually evolving, Both Teams To Score punts are developing into one of the most popular betting strategies available to punters. Of course, there are plenty of factors to consider when betting on BTTS, but the obvious positives are that it does avoid having to bet on the outcome of a particular fixture. With the concept of the BTTS accumulator bet also increasing in awareness too, BTTS betting is an effective betting tactic, for all levels of punter – regardless of their betting aspirations.