Euro betting sites 2024 guide

The Euros are on their way! Euro 2024 and the accompanying Euro 2024 betting promise to be among the sporting and sports betting events of the year. 24 teams will battle it out at the 17th edition of Europe’s biggest national team competitions, taking place in Germany from June 14 right up until the final on July 14. Bet on football matches of the very highest quality with any of our recommended Euro 2024 betting sites that we introduce here. 

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How do you bet on Euro 2024?

Euro 2024 will be one of the sporting highlights of 2024. And it will also be one of the betting highlights. The best sports betting operators are already sharpening their odds and unveiling exciting promotions to maximise your euro betting enjoyment on this huge international football event. Here we dive into what it means to bet on football at Euro 2024. What are odds? What kind of outcomes can you bet on? What strategies and tips should you follow? Don’t worry, at we’ve got we covered.


If you want to bet on football, then it’s all about the odds. The odds simply tell you the chance that the sports betting operator gives to an outcome occurring. And when it comes to betting on football, there are literally hundreds of outcomes that you can bet on, from who will win the match, to what the score will be, and almost anything in between.

 To understand odds a bit better, we can have a look at some Euro 2024 betting opportunities that are already available before the event starts. Usually known as futures or ante-post betting, these are the odds that are available long before matches actually kick off. And in most cases in the futures market, these focus on outrights, simply meaning who will win the competition.

 Looking at the outrights markets with the leading Euro 2024 betting sites, two teams lead the way. Those teams are England and France. England qualified in style and have one of the strongest squads of players in World football currently. As do France. And in the case of the French, this is a team what won the World Cup just a few years back, and were narrowly beaten finalists in 2022.

Let’s have a look at those current odds to win the competition: 

England & France 7/2

Germany 6/1

Belgium 14/1

The odds here simply state that, if you were to put €2 on England or France to win, and that outcome was indeed realised, then you would win €7 (plus the return of your original €2 stake). In the case of hosts Germany, if you were to bet €1, you would win €6 (plus your original €1 stake). For an easy comparison, if you were to also bet €1 on England and France, you would win €3.50, so you can see that the euro 2024 betting operators – in not wanting to pay out so much money on your bet – think it considerably more likely that England or France will win the competition than Germany. Of course, you would win more money on your investment if Germany won, but the likelihood of that event occurring (at least according to the sports betting sites) is less likely. But if you backed Belgium with a stake of €1, you’d win €14. Of course that is a more attractive amount to win, but you would also be more likely to lose in terms of what the bookmakers think will happen. And in terms of predicting what will happen, sports betting sites crunch an awful lot of data.  

Most popular markets

We’ve had a look at what the odds mean, but what kind of outcomes can you actually place a bet on with your Euro 2024 betting? Here we run through some of the most popular markets when you bet on football.

To win (also known as 1/X/2 or Team vs Team betting)

This one’s pretty simple, and that’s why so many people like it! Who will win the match? But of course, there are three outcomes here, because in football the match can also end in a draw (this is the ‘X’ option). Of course, when it moves to the knockout rounds, one team has to progress to the next round. But when you bet on ‘to win’, this usually only applies after 90 minutes, so if your team wins in extra time or on penalties, you don’t claim the win with the bet (in this case, the outcome would be a draw). Think you know who will win? Then this is the bet for you!

Method of victory

In those all-important knock-out rounds, one team has to go home. But if you suspect that England will yet again taste bitter defeat on penalties in a semi-final, you could go for this exact outcome in that match (if indeed England make it that far). The options here would be after 90 minutes, after extra time, or on penalties. A simplified version of this would simply be to bet on who will progress, but because you are removing the method, the odds will be much reduced (and the return will be nowhere near as good!) Here’s a quick example with odds:

France Vs England

France to win after 90 minutes – 3/2

France to win after extra time – 5/2

France to win on penalties – 5/2

England to win after 90 minutes – 5/2

England to win after extra time – 5/2

England to win on penalties – 7/2

To progress

France – 7/5

England – 2/1

As you can see, you’ll win less money if you simply back a team to progress, rather than going for the method of victory. No wonder people like to show their knowledge and lengthen the odds.

Goalscorer markets

People love to predict who will score in a big match. And for your Euro 2024 betting, why not back one of those big names to find the back of the net when it matters most?

Euro 2024 will feature some of the best talent in world football, from Kylian Mbappe to Harry Kane, and you just know that players of this calibre will be among the goals. So why not put your money where your mouth is? Of course you could also back Harry Macquire to get one too, and much longer odds (and a much better cash return!)

There are loads of variations with this kind of betting, such as first, last and anytime goalscorer. That means you bet on a player to score the first goal, the last goal, or just any goal (with the odds being much shorter on that final outcome). You could also go for a player to score multiple goals if you like!

Exact score

To start lengthening those odds and getting more bang for your buck from your bet, you might fancy going for something a little more precise. Okay, so you think France will beat England, but could you predict the exact score? Of course, if you can, then the reward will be much greater! It’s no wonder this is such a popular bet with the punters.


All of the bets we have discussed so far for your Euro 2024 betting have been single bets, but what you can also do is combine bets into what is know as a multiple bet, accumulator or parley. For example, you think France will win and you also think Kylian Mbappe will get the first goal. Great, now you can combine those two outcomes and see your odds lengthened. For example:

  • France to win – 3/2
  • Mbappe to score the first goal – 3/1
  • France to win and Mbappe to score the first goal – 7/2

As you can see from the example above, you win more if you add your bets together. And there’s no limit on how many bets you can put together to see those odds climb and climb. But of course, the chances of all of those things coming true then becomes much less likely!

These are just some of the most popular Euro 2024 bets you can place, with their being hundred and hundreds of options. And you can also place bets ‘in play’, meaning that you can continue to bet on the game even once the match has started. The technology used by the sports betting sites is now so advanced that you can see the odds fluctuate in front of your very eyes as the match unfolds. The possibilities for Euro 2024 betting are almost endless. 

Strategies & Betting Tips

So now you know a little bit more about how it all works this betting on Euro 2024 lark! You’ve got the odds nailed, you know about the markets to bet on, but what else should you keep an eye on?

At we like to offer up our extensive experience to help you with your euro 2024 betting. So here’s a few things to keep close:

Shop around

It’s very rare that one single Euro 2024 betting site will be offering up the best odds. And getting the best odds really is important, because when you win, you want to make sure you get properly rewarded for it. With it being the case that you never really get the best odds all in one place, what should you do? Well, sign up with a few different sites to keep your options open, and then use an odds comparison site for the market you’re interest in to find which Euro 2024 betting sites are offering the best odds. It’s that simple, and it’s a strategy that really works.

Claim those bonuses

Another benefit of signing up with more than one euro betting site is that you then get to avail of more than one welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are used by nearly all sports betting sites to entice in customers, and some of them can really be pretty generous. Join up and then taker advantage of the offer, which can often mean a risk-free bet, or lengthened odds on your return. Whatever the particular bonus is, it’s a bonus for a reason. So take advantage of it!

Sports betting sites also offer up other types of bonuses to customers, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open, check your messages, and jump on the options that attract you. Oh, and stick with us at with our insightful guides to betting smart with the very best Euro 2024 betting sites. 

Play smart with the stake and the odds

You often hear stories of someone making a killing by sticking a pretty big stake on eye-wateringly long odds. But how often does that really happen? Well, as the odds themselves would suggest, almost never. Instead, research your bets and when you’re happy, stake an amount that you think reflects the risk of that bet. You can always lengthen odds by building up accumulator bets, but then reduce the stake accordingly. And of course, never ever ever bet more than you can afford to lose. Ever!

Bonuses and Promotions

We have already touched upon a few of the bonuses and promotions that Euro 2024 betting sites will undoubtedly offer. As the tournament gets nearer expect those bonuses and promotions to get more and more lucrative as this highly competitive market means that operators fight for those customers. Keep your eyes open, and of course stick with us here at as we detail the welcome bonuses to go with. Here is a quick list of some of the very best bonuses and promotions you can expect on Euro 2024:

New customer sign-up / welcome bonuses

As the name suggests, here you get a bonus just for signing up with the bookmaker. These welcome bonuses can vary greatly in shape and in quality, and it’s always smart to read the fine print to see what the real value is in the bonus. But the fact is that these are great ways to kick off your euro 2024 betting journey.

Competition bonuses

To existing customers, sports betting sites love offering up attractive bonuses and promotions linked to a big sporting event. And they don’t get much bigger than the European Football Championships. So expect offers galore taking every conceivable shape. Dive in and enjoy the Euro 2024 betting party.

Apps bonuses

With more and more of the top sites taking it mobile, check out additional bonuses and promotions you could avail off on the app that are not available to desktop users.
Euro 2024 bookmakers

Here’s the part where, luckily for you, we run through what’s great and perhaps not so great about the Euro 2024 betting sites. We’ve got you covered with the best sites right here, and we’ve summarized the pros and cons for you to keep an eye on. Here goes:


Irish bookmaker PaddyPower screams fun and is well known for it’s cheeky promotions and marketing approaches. As well as being a good laugh, PaddyPower is extensive in the extreme, with a huge number of betting features, loads of markets, great promotions and early odds at competitive prices. Definitely one of the top Euro 2024 betting sites for you to check out. And a brilliant betting app to boot. 

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This British bookmaker has a strong focus on sports that make a splash on the British Isles, so expect Euro 2024 to be a big deal here. No doubt there will be some cracking Euro 2024-centred bonuses and promotions, and this is a site that can excel on the odds, as well as offering up plenty of top features.  

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This Irish bookie is often a fans favourite, especially on the Emerald Isle, and certainly knows what Ireland-based punters are looking for. With strengths in those sports beloved of Ireland, including GAA, horse racing, rugby and soccer, this is a site that can give a real Irish flavour to proceedings and will no doubt jump on some of the Euro 2024 outcomes that Irish punters would love to bet on/ Avail of the brilliant app and the regular bet boosts and promos too.  

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Betway is a sports betting site that gives plenty of attention to football, and you can be sure that Euro 2024 will get significant coverage here. There will be the huge number of pre-match and live markets, of course, but add a load of inevitable bet boosts and promotions dedicated to your Euro 2024 betting and you can be sure that you’ll be able to jump on some of the best odds available here. 

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bet365 Casino Review

Perhaps the most comprehensive sports betting site around, certainly for Irish customers. Bet365 has an incredible number of betting features, market options and odds, although the latter are not always the most competitive. This can be countered by the number of great promotions and bonuses the site likes to run, especially on big events such as Euro 2024. Be sure to keep an eye on your customer inbox. Get live streaming of loads of events, a top app for betting on the go, and a number of other features that make bet365 and undoubted market leader. 

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Euro 2024 betting features

Sports betting sites can vary in quality and in the number of features that they actually offer. In short, some don’t give you much more than the option to make a simple bet, while others are like a whole world of sports betting related activities. Want to know more? Well, fortunately for you we’ve got our guide to Euro 2024 betting features. Here’s what you could find:

Live betting

The time has passed when you could only bet on matches before they started. Not the top Euro 2024 betting sites will offer up loads of options to bet in-game. Known as live betting, this is a great way to add excitement to the game unfolding in front of you. There are literally hundreds of markets, with odds changing all the time.

 Cash out options

The days are also gone when you could only claim your winnings after the game had finished. Now you can cash out early. Your team is winning 1-0 but you’re not sure they will hold on? No problem, cash out and get a percentage of your winnings before that inevitable equalizer. All the top Euro 2024 betting sites such as Bet365 and Boylesports offer this, with options including partial cash out (meaning you remain part of your stake on the original bet) or automatic cash out, which can set for a parameter of your choice. This is a great innovation in the betting world, and will be sure to be a favourite with your euro 2024 betting. 

 Bet builders and accumulator

You don’t just have to place a single bet. Why not build up a multiple bet across different matches as an accumulator, or even build your own special bet on a single game. Top Euro 2024 betting sites give you a chance to build a bet by adding outcomes together, such as result, score, player to score, to get a booking, and so on. BetVictor and Betway are among the market leaders here. 

Live streaming

Want to watch the match while you are on the go? Or want to have the game right there on your device while you are selecting your in-play bets? Do just that with live streaming of the games. Sites such as bet365 have an amazing selection. 

 Euro 2024 betting promotions

Get special Euro 2024 betting specials with top sites such as PaddyPower. Get more favourable odds, special prices, plus plenty of extras ands bonuses with top Euro 2024 offers. And stay right here with to keep in touch with what’s on offer.

 Euro 2024 Futures/Outright Betting 

One of the most popular Euro 2024 betting markets is a market that has been available long before the Championships came into view. In fact, it’s been one of the most popular futures markets with sports betting operators pretty much since the last Euros finished. It is, of course, the outright market of who will win Euro 2024. Browse through our Euro 2024 betting table below to see what odds some of the top Euro 2024 betting operators are offering on the top teams. 

Euro 2024 Winner Odds

TeamPaddy Power BetVictorBoyleSports
England3/1 7/2 7/2
France4/1 7/2  7/2
Germany6/1 7/1 6/1
Spain7/1 8/1 8/1
Portugal8/1 8/1 7/1
Italy14/1 16/1 14/1
Belgium14/1 16/1 12/1

Euro 2024 Betting Favorites:

The sports betting sites are pretty much in agreement when it comes to the teams who look the likeliest to claim Euro 2024 glory. Here we take a look at the main contenders:


Beaten finalists at Wembley in the final of the delayed Euro 2020, England may have been knocked out of the World Cup by France at the quarter final stage, but seem to be nurturing some of the best talent the continent has to offer. With Harry Kane setting the scoring charts alight in Germany and Jude Bellingham announcing himself in Madrid and a future Balon d’or winner, the time could be now for this hugely talented English side.


Always a threat with a depth of talent that is the envy of world football, France will be an extremely tough team to beat at Euro 2024. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that any team that beats the French will more than likely be crowned champions. Mbappe, Griezmann, Dembele et al. This is one helluva team!


Maybe not the force they once were, Germany are still the hosts and a team that knows what it takes to win. Don’t be surprised if this is the team to upset the odds and claim the prize.  

Past Euro winners 

Who has been victorious at previous European Championship finals? Here we cast a look at the last ten winners:

Euro 2020: Italy

Euro 2016: Portugal

Euro 2012: Spain

Euro: 2008: Spain

Euro 2004: Greece

Euro 2000: France

Euro 1996: Germany

Euro 1992: Denmark

Euro 1988: Netherlands

Euro 1984: France

Euro 2024 Top Goal scorer Odds

 *Odds not available yet

PlayerPaddy Power BetVictorBoyleSports

Euro 2024 Top Goalscorer Favorites:

Who are the contenders for the Euro 2024 Golden Boot? Well, there are some names here that absolutely will not surprise you, as they include some of the biggest attacking talent on the planet. How do you fancy this little lot?

Harry Kane

Top scorer at the 2018 World Cup, England and Tottenham’s record scorer, and now a goalscoring machine at Bayern Munich, there’s not much that the England captain cannot do. And with talent behind him such as Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden, he can expect a pretty formidable service. With England expected to go deep, this is a player who will be certain to trouble the leaders on the Golden Boot list.

Kylian Mbappe

Everything said about Harry Kane can equally be applied to France’s Kylian Mbappe. On fire once again for both club and country, Mbappe scored a hattrick in the World Cup final just two years ago. If not Kane, then surely Mbappe for the award? One for your Euro 2024 betting, although don’t expect favourable odds here. 

Romelu Lukaku

The top scorer by some way in qualifying, the striker is not having a vintage season at club level, bit is a legend of his national team with 83 goals to his name, placing his ninth on the list of all-time goalscorers. With a favourable group draw here, expect Lukaku to add to that tally.

Cristiano Ronaldo

What else is there to be said about this legend of the game. Already the leading scoring in finals tournament history, the attacker was also among the goals again the qualifying. One last charge at the top scorer award here? Perhaps, and we know the Portuguese will be a Euro 2024 betting favourite, both for punters and for Euro 2024 betting sites specials and bonuses. 

Last Euro top goal scorers 

Some serious names have claimed the top scorer crown at previous European Championships Finals. Here’s who did at the last ten editions of European soccer’s biggest continental event:

Euro 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Patrick Schick (Czechia) – 5

Euro 2016 – Antoine Griezmann (France) - 6

Euro 2012 – Fernando Torres (Spain) - 3

Euro 2008 – David Villa (Spain) - 4

Euro 2004 – Milan Baros (Czech Republic) - 5

Euro 2000 – Patrick Kulivert (Netherlands) and Savo Milosevic (Yugoslavia) - 5

Euro 1996 – Alan Shearer (England) 5

Euro 1992 – Henrik Larsen (Denmark), Karl-Heinz Reidle (Germany), Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands) and Thomas Brolin (Sweden) - 3

Euro 1988 – Marco van Basten (Netherlands) - 5

Euro 1984 – Michel Platini (France) - 9


So how does the Euro 2024 tournament work? Six groups of four teams will battle it out to reach the Round of 16. That means the top two in each group will be joined by the four best third-placed finishers across the six groups.

The whole event will take place in Germany, with ten venues selected. The tournament kicks off in Munich on 14th June, with the final taking place exactly a month later on 14th July in Berlin.

Group stages

36 matches to be played from 14th June to 26th June

Round of 16

Eight matches to be played from 29th June to 2nd July


Four matches to be played on 5th and 6th July


Two matches to be played on 9th and 10th July


Match to be played on 14th July 

The playoffs

Three teams are still to secure their place at the Euro 2024 finals tournament. Three play-off paths will be contested by 12 teams, with two semi-finals followed by a final. The winner of each path will head to Germany. Here is the draw for those play-offs.

Path A

Poland Vs Estonia

Wales Vs Finland

Path B

Israel Vs Iceland

Bosnia-Herzegovina Vs Ukraine

Path C

Georgia Vs Luxembourg

Greece Vs Kazakhstan 

The Groups

Euro 2024 features six groups of four teams. The top two teams of each group progress, while the four best third-placed finishers across the six groups will also go through to the Round of 16 stage. Let’s take a look at the groups:

Group A





This is an intriguing group. Germany, as hosts and perennial successes, will be favourites to top the group, but this is genuinely a case of any four of the teams having hopes of progressing, perhaps as group winners. A hard one to call.

Group B





Albania certainly got the short straw being placed in a group with previous winners Spain and Italy, as well as World Cup finalists from 2018, Croatia. But the others beware, as in qualifying Albania impressively topped their group ahead of Poland and Czechia. This group could spring a few surprises. 

Group C





England will be strong favourites to top the group here, but could be pipped by any of the other teams, particularly strong-looking Denmark and Serbia teams. This is another group which could see three progress.

Group D




Play-off winner A

France will be heavy favourites to top this group, especially after beating the Dutch twice in qualifying. Austria qualified strongly, finishing only a point behind Belgium and a long way ahead of Sweden. France to top the group, but second place could be interesting. 

Group E




Play-off winner B

Belgium and Romania had strong qualifying campaigns and will be confident of progressing here.

Group F




Play-off winner C 

Portugal will be heavy favourites to win this group and secure a favourable draw for the Round of 16. Turkiye won qualifying Group D ahead of Croatia, and will be confident of joining the Portuguese, although you can’t rule out the Czechs either.


It’s time to get the calendar out! These are the dates you need to keep in mind when planning your Euro 2024 betting and viewing.


Six semi-finals on 21st March and three finals on 26th March

Euro 2024 finals tournament

Group stages

36 matches to be played from 14th June to 26th June. Kick-off times are 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00 GMT.

Round of 16

Eight matches to be played from 29th June to 2nd July. Kick-off times are 18:00 and 21:00 GMT.


Four matches to be played on 5th and 6th July. Kick-off times are 18:00 and 21:00 GMT.


Two matches to be played on 9th and 10th July. Kick-off times are 21:00 GMT.


Match to be played on 14th July. Kick-off time in Berlin is 21:00 GMT.

About the tournament

The 17th edition of the European Championship Finals will be played in Germany between 14th June and 14th July. 24 teams will battle it out to be crowned champions in Berlin. Here’s all you need to know about this huge event.

  • This will be the third time that Finals matches will be played in Germany. The country hosted the 1988 editions, while some games of the 2020 tournament were also played on German soil.
  • Ten venues across Germany will host matches. The cities to host games are Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Leipzig.
  • 17 of the teams featuring also played at Euro 2020.
  • Portugal were the only team with a flawless record in qualifying, winning all ten of the team’s matches. A further five teams qualified without losing a game.
  • The official mascot of Euro 2024 is “Albärt”, a teddy bear wearing pants.
  • The official match ball of Euro 2024 is made by Adidas and is called “Fussballliebe”, which translates as ‘love of football’.
  • The winners of the tournament will be awarded the Henry Delauany Trophy. Italy are the defending champions. 

Interesting facts

In order to stoke excitement for the tournament, and so you can impress your mates down the pub by quoting these stats, these are some of the most interesting European Championships Finals facts.

Most tournament goals

The legend that is Cristiano Ronaldo is of course the man that leads the charts here, with a total of 14 European Championship goals to his name, which is 5 clear of his nearest rival. And who would bet against the Portuguese attacker adding more to his tally this time around. Who are you going to back for your Euro 2024 betting this time?

Most goals in a single tournament

Second on the all-time scoring list is France’s Michel Platini. But what is remarkable is that all of those goals came in a single edition of the event in 1984. Could someone beat that here? It’s unlikely, but England’s Harry Kane and French superstar Kylian Mbappe are the likely candidates if it were to be run close. Perhaps not one for your Euro 2024 betting, though. 

Most goals including qualifying

No prizes here for guessing who tops the charts. Cristiano Ronaldo has an astonishing 45 goals in qualifying matches for the finals. That’s a frankly ridiculous 20 more than the next best, Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For your Euro 2024 betting, don’t look past Ronaldo extending that ridiculous tournament.

Most goals in a final

Twice the showpiece event has featured four goals. Could that record be broken here? Going over or under on goals is a a hugely popular market among those who bet on football. And with goals flying in during qualifying, could be an interesting one to follow here.  

Our predictions

With excitement building before the Euro 2024, it’s time to turn to our predictions. Here’s who we think will make their mark in Germany.


England were beaten finalists last time out, losing a heartbreaking penalty shoot-out at Wembley to Italy. But now could be the time for Gareth Southgate’s team. The squad is blessed with talent, particularly in attacking areas. Captain Harry Kane will be supported by Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham, with others such as Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden in support. 

Top goalscorer

If England are to win the tournament, then captain Kane must have a strong tournament. The striker has been on fire for Bayern Munich this season, and we can expect to see him carry that form into the tournament. And with Bellingham et al in support, Kane should get chances aplenty. Don’t expect him to surpass Michel Platini’s frankly ridiculous record of nine goals at a single edition. Do expect Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo to add to his already record-breaking tally of 14 finals goals. 

Young player of the tournament

Jude Bellingham is already an established star, but is still only 20. But looking past the Real Madrid man, also keep an eye on France’s Warren Zaire-Emery, Germany’s Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala, Spain’s Gavi and Pedri, and Netherlands’ Xavi Simons. There really is a sensational amount of talent waiting to burst through. Who is your bet for best young player?

Golden Glove for best goalkeeper

Slovenia’s Jan Oblak is one of the world’s best, but we don’t expect his team to go deep in the tournament. For that reason, don’t look past Belgium’s Thibault Courtois or Germany veteran Manuel Neuer. This will be the latter’s swansong, and we expect huge performances on home soil to take the Germans deeper than many expect.

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When is Euro 2024?

The tournament runs from 14th June to the 14th July 2024, starting in Munich and culminating with the final in Berlin exactly one month later.

How many teams are participating in Euro 2024?

24 teams will compete, starting with six groups of four teams, with the top two teams in each group progressing, with the four best-placed third-place finishers joining them in the round of 16. Loads of euro betting then.

Who are the favourites to win Euro 2024?

France and England are leading the pack in terms of odds to win Euro 2024. Germany, Spain and Portugal come next in the Euro 2024 betting list.

Which players will likely win the Golden Boot at Euro 2024?

Just one look at the top goalscorers in Euro 2024 qualifying tell you who is likely to claim the crown of top scorer at Euro 2024. Romelu Lukaku of Belgium lead the charts with an incredible 14 goals, while the evergreen Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo was next on 10 goals. French striker Kylian Mbappe (9) and England captain Harry Kane (8) were close behind, and any of these four players are a good shout to claim the top scoring honours at the finals.

Which are the best Euro 2024 betting sites?

We can recommend PaddyPower, BoyleSports, Bet365, BetVictor and Betway for all your Euro 2024 betting needs.