GAA Betting for Irish Punters

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was created in 1884 to help revive Ireland’s national sports, and it succeeded triumphantly. Gaelic football is the top field sport in Ireland, while hurling continues to dazzle spectators with its super-skilled and lightning-fast players. Our team of experts will help you get the most out of GAA football betting and hurling betting.

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It’s no secret that we all love having a flutter on GAA sports in Ireland, whether it’s to try and make some decent winnings, or simply out of pure passion for our home clubs and counties. No matter what road in Ireland you drive down, you’re sure to see a house or cottage proudly displaying a flag sporting their county colours. There’s also no doubt that betting on competitive GAA sports is considered a pastime in the country.

We’ll let you know what GAA games and tournaments you can bet on in our GAA betting guide. We’ll also take a look at the exciting in-play betting feature and discover how you can use it to enhance your wager on our national sports.

You’ll discover the main markets to place wagers on, with helpful hints to enhance your GAA football betting. You’ll also learn popular markets and a few hurling betting strategies. Continue reading to find out where to watch all the action and where to find the best odds on GAA betting sites.

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What GAA Sports Can You Bet On?

GAA games also include street-played handball and women’s camogie leagues and championships. The most popular sports to bet on, though, are Gaelic football and hurling senior matches.

GAA football betting is not confined to the senior championships and leagues. You can place a stake in the following Gaelic football tournaments and games:

  • The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
  • Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster championships
  • The National Football League
  • Club county leagues and matches
  • Under-20s football championship

Like Gaelic football, hurling follows a similar structure with sports tournaments. When it comes to hurling betting, you can bet on the following events:

  • The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship
  • Munster and Leinster Championships
  • The National Hurling League
  • Club county league matches
  • Under-20s Hurling Championship

Live GAA Betting

Live GAA betting is an exciting feature that you’ll find on many reputable Irish gambling websites. GAA football and hurling games’ outcomes can be hard to predict at times, so GAA in-play betting is a useful feature to use on betting apps or sites.

Football and hurling are fast-paced games, and the outcome of matches can be easily influenced by aspects like the weather, player injuries and team momentum. The matches consist of 70 minutes of play, plus injury time, so live-betting would be advantageous to you in these sports.

If you’re watching a GAA match, you can use the in-play feature to bet while the game progresses. If you have gotten a last-minute tip from a website while the game has started, you can use this feature to place your stake as the match plays out. The odds will change as the game plays, so you’ll find shorter or greater odds depending on the projected outcome.

Live GAA Betting Tips

  • Check to see which team has won the coin toss. The direction in which the team first chooses to play may have a considerable influence on the odds. The wind and the sun’s position in the sky can be a significant advantage in the first half of a match.
  • A few early goals can quench the opposite team’s battle spirit, as this would cause a significant point difference in the score and influence the odds.
  • If you have a pre-paid wager on a GAA match, and the game doesn’t look like it’s going to go your way, you can use live betting to consolidate your initial stake.
  • You can also stay patient and wait until half-time to hear the pundits’ reactions and predictions as to how the second half will play out.

GAA Betting Markets

Gaelic football and hurling have the same game rules, so the betting markets are the same for both sports. The following markets are used for Gaelic football and hurling betting:

  • Outright winners: You can bet on the outright winner of any Gaelic football or hurling game in any league, championship or club match. Senior tournaments like the All-Ireland and the province championships are attractive betting opportunities for punters.
  • Points difference: You can bet on the points difference in a match between two GAA teams. For example, you may place a wager on Dublin to beat Laois by 20 points.
  • All-stars: At the end of the GAA season, RTE selects a team of the year for both Gaelic footballers and hurlers based on their performances. You can bet which 15 players will make the all-star teams at the end of the year.
  • Leading points scorer: You can bet on who the leading point scorer will be in one of the significant Gaelic football and hurling tournaments. Place your stake on the name of the forward player you believe that will bang in the most goals and scores during the events.
  • Final match results & player goals: Not only can you place a stake on the final results of football and hurling matches, but you can also bet on a player that you think will score a goal. For example, you can place a bet on a prediction like Tipperary 1-14 Limerick 3-21 with Aaron Gillane to score a goal.
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GAA Betting Odds Explained

We use fractional odds on GAA betting in Ireland. You can quickly determine who are the favourites and who are the underdogs when you see the odds on online bookie sites. You’ll find the most competitive GAA betting odds on Irish sites that heavily promote the sports.

For example, if Limerick is 6/4 favourite to lift the Liam McCarthy cup on hurling betting sites this year, you’ll win €6 for every €4 you place on Limerick. You’ll also get your initial wager back.

If you see GAA football betting odds on Mayo of 12/1 to win the football championship this year, it’s a risky bet to place on the underdogs. You’ll win €12 for every €1 stake you place. If you place €10 on Mayo to lift the Sam MacGuire cup, you’ll win €120 and your €10 initial bet back.

GAA Football Betting

Gaelic football is unquestionably the most popular sport in Ireland, and its games and tournaments attract excited punters. You can bet on many aspects, including outright winners and the prediction of points and goals scored. We’re now going to check out some GAA football betting tips and the most popular tournaments.

Gaelic Football Betting Tips

  • Keep informed on news from the team camp, including injuries and manager-player relationships.
  • Some Irish betting sites have features like in-play betting that you can use to get the most out of your wager.
  • Check out odds for the current league and club matches to determine the team’s consistency and performance.

Gaelic Football Events

  • The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship: The prestigious Sam MacGuire Cup is the ultimate prize for winning this tournament. The top Gaelic football counties across Ireland compete to reach the final in Croke Park in the hopes of lifting the trophy.
  • The Leinster Championship: 11 counties from Leinster compete against each other in a thrilling tournament. The winning county will grab a spot in the All Ireland  Football semi-final.
  • The Ulster Championship: The rivalry between the six counties in Ulster makes for spectacular viewing as they battle it out. The winning team will earn their place in the Gaelic football semi-final.

Hurling Betting Tips

Hurling is always an exciting game to bet on because it’s one of the world’s fastest field sports. We’ll now look at some tips to help you enhance your hurling betting and the most popular events you can place wagers on.

  • Use betting apps that feature in-play betting and cash out during matches, as hurling team performances can be unpredictable at times.
  • Check the hurling betting odds on the upcoming league and club matches to determine what counties are in top form.
  • Stay up to date on the latest hurling news, and look out for star players’ injuries during training sessions.

Hurling Betting Events

  • The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship: It’s the pinnacle of GAA sporting events and the trophy that every child with a hurley in their hand dreams of lifting one day in Croke Park. The best hurling counties across Ireland battle it out in the hopes of bringing home the Liam McCarthy Cup.
  • The Munster Championship: This tournament is the most competitive out of all the provinces, and the winners will earn a place in the All-Ireland semi-finals. The five participating counties share a fierce rivalry, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.
  • The Leinster Championship: This event is a close second to the Munster Championship in terms of excitement. The top-five qualifying counties compete to win the tournament so they can get an automatic semi-final place in the All-Ireland Championship.

Strategy & Tricks

Because both sports are fast-packed field games that can have an unpredictable outcome, it can be hard to beat the bookies on hurling and GAA football betting. The best strategy to take is to keep up to date with county team news and study past match results.

Players on the senior teams also play for their county clubs. It’s always a good idea to watch a few club matches, as you’ll get to see the new young players rising up the ranks. The national football and hurling leagues are frequently used for trying out new formations and players.

All teams have their star forwards who consistently score points from frees and sideline cuts. Take a look at past performances and see if they’ve previously been a GAA all-star. A good defence is also needed, and the best counties and clubs will keep many goalless clean sheets.

We should never dismiss news of an established bainisteoir taking over a team. We’ve seen some counties undergo a complete transformation within a few months under new management. Keep informed of the news in football and hurling training camps and on team morale.

GAA Betting FAQ

You can watch most championship games on RTE 1, RTE 2 and Sky Sports. TG4 also airs numerous county league matches and club games.

June is the month when the Gaelic football and hurling championship matches kick off in Munster and Leinster. You can expect plenty of action during June from the first-round tournaments games.

Yes, you can bet on in-running GAA games on reputable Irish websites.

You’ll find the best GAA betting sites in Ireland that promote the sport. It would help if you choose online bookies that include welcome bonuses, features like in-play betting, and keep up to date with the GAA news.

You can win a substantial amount of money if you’re a high-roller and willing to place a large amount on a team that has favourable odds. You can also use accumulators to place small bets on several match outcomes to maximise your winnings.