How to make a sure bet

How to make a sure bet

Often referred to as an arbitrage bet, the concept of placing a sure bet is actually as fool proof as the title suggests.

Finding betting strategies that absolutely guarantee returns are like finding needles in a haystack, but a sure bet is an approach that finds holes or gaps in the odds available to punters and exploits them, meaning that regardless of the outcome of a particular event, the bets placed will yield some sort of profit.

Here is a comprehensive guide to sure betting:

What is a sure bet?

With most punters’ interest fully perked at the prospect of a guaranteed winning bet, the million dollar questions here is: what is a sure bet?

Essentially, a sure bet involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of a game or match, taking advantage of discrepancies in odds offered by different bookmakers or the changing landscape of a particular match within the in-play betting market.

Inevitably, this betting strategy requires a sense of knowledge and research but if used effectively, placing a sure bet can return both consistent and healthy profits for punters.

How to make a sure bet?

Identify Opportunities

Systematically, the first step in making a sure bet is to identify opportunities where bookmakers are offering different odds on the same event. This can be done by using an odds comparison site, which will show punters the odds offered by multiple bookmakers for a particular event.

Finding situations where the combined odds for all outcomes are less than 100% is the opportunity to look out for, as this indicates that there is an opportunity for a sure bet to be placed.

Bet Calculation

With the event in question identified, players then need to calculate how much to bet on each outcome within a particular game or match, in order to place a sure bet and see a guaranteed return on the initial outlay.

Sure bet calculators are easily accessible within the online sphere, which will help players gain a better understanding of how much money to put on each possible permutation and once players become more familiar with the process, they will begin to understand the inner workings of sure betting even more.

No Room For Hesitation

Few betting strategies feed on fine margins in bookmaking odds as much as sure betting does, meaning punters may only be able to access certain guaranteed odds in a very specific window of time.

Particularly in the live and in-play betting sphere, if a sure bet has been calculated, players need to act quickly in order to secure the best possible odds for them and in turn, maximise their winning potential with their sure bet.

Sure Betting Tips

With the nuances and intricacies of sure betting detailed, here are some of the key things to keep an eye on when sure betting:

Shop Around

As mentioned, a huge part of successful sure betting is being able to access the best possible prices on every single bet placed. Being abreast of all of the comings and goings with each bookmaker in Ireland and beyond, can have a direct impact on the potential profit margins punters are working with.

Utilise Bookmaker Promotions

With most Irish bookmakers constantly on the hunt for new custom, or at least activity from existing players, there are a plethora of bonuses and promotions available to players, regardless of their betting habits.

Sure betting is heavily reliant on them, as it minimises risk for the punter and is often free credit in the bank, that can be utilised to bump up the sure bets and with a guarantee already on the way if done effectively, bonus funds can often put a cherry on the cake.

Remain Patient

In comparison to many other betting strategies, sure betting is certainly playing the long game. Incremental gains will be accumulated with sure betting, rather than the huge wins that can be found with riskier bets and consequently, punters must stick to the script when using sure bets.

Chasing losses or trying to cut corners on hunches or gut feelings can be catastrophic to a sure bet strategy, meaning punters must remain patient and reap the rewards of sustained sure betting over a period of time.

Sure Betting

As the name suggests, sure betting is exactly what every punter wants to get on board with and it is an effective betting strategy.

There is however a huge amount of research, knowledge and patience required when looking to profit from sure bets and it is not a quick fix for players, looking to fill their bank accounts overnight.

Sticking to the strategy and meticulously seeking out the best possible odds and betting markets will enable players to access sure bets more easily and over time, it is an effective way of minimising risk when looking to profit in the world of sports betting.