What is a Trixie bet and how does it work?

Sam Hayes
What is a Trixie bet and how does it work?

Predominantly used in the world of horse racing, Trixie betting is a tried and tested betting strategy that offers a solid pay out if it comes in and is one that remains relatively low risk in the grand scheme of things.

Despite having a rich history within the great pantheon of horse racing, Trixie betting can be applicable across a range of different sports betting markets and its popularity continues to resonate amongst punters of all levels.

What is a Trixie Bet?

Understanding the intricacy of a Trixie bet is key and having a handle on all of the possible permutations enable players to maximise their winning potential when placing a Trixie.

In essence, a Trixie bet is a type of multiple bet that consists of four separate bets on three selections. The bet itself includes three doubles and one treble and to place a Trixie bet, punters need to select three results/horses they think will win and each of the selections will be included within three double bets and the overall treble.

Working example of a Trixie bet:

If there were three horses in a Trixie bet, Horse A, Horse B and Horse C, the Trixie bet would look like this:

Bet 1: Horse A and Horse B to win.

Bet 2: Horse A and Horse C to win.

Bet 3: Horse B and Horse C to win.

Bet 4: Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C to win as a treble.

If all three horses win, then all four punts come good within the Trixie bet – paying out on four counts.

Should only two horses win, then one of the double bets would pay out, in addition to a percentage of the treble bet placed.

In the event only one horse wins, a percentage of both one double and the treble will be returned to the punter as winnings.

Tips for Placing a Trixie Bet

As with any betting strategy, there are plenty of factors to consider when placing a Trixie bet:

Make measured selections

Building a Trixie bet is a big ask, with all three selections needing to come good for a player to receive the maximum return. Seeing a multiple bet spurned by a spurious choice is tough for punters to take, so making measured selections and looking Look for horses or teams that have a good track record or are in good form, can make the difference.

Stake reasonably

A Trixie bet can be more expensive than a traditional bet and any bet that is placed on three outcomes is always carrying a certain amount of risk. Betting within one’s means when looking to piece together a Trixie is essential and avoiding any chasing of losses remains as pertinent as ever.

Seek maximum value through the odds

As with any type of bet, it’s important to look for value when placing a Trixie bet. Shop around for the best odds available when sculpting a Trixie and doing so can yield a bigger reward if a Trixie or at least part of it come good.

Advantages of a Trixie Bet

Initially, the bet itself allows punters to cover all potential outcomes when backing three results and gives them the maximum possible pay out should a successful Trixie land.
In addition, it gives players increased security if only two of the three selections come in and will always yield a return to players, even if they don’t manage to land the complete Trixie.

Trixie Bet Guide 2023

Whilst it certainly isn’t a new concept, placing a Trixie bet remains as relevant and potentially lucrative as ever amongst punters in 2023.

As with any accumulator type bet, players need to maintain a sense of realism, as landing one bet is tough enough – backing it up and landing three punts in one combined bet remains a long shot, regardless of the odds involved.

Remaining responsible and making measured selections when building a Trixie bet, regardless of the sport involved, are as important as ever and the Trixie bet continues to have a strong place within the hearts and minds of all levels of sports betting punters.