Articles by: Adrian Wall

How did you start your career as a sports betting writer?

I have always had a great passion for all types of sport and I was given the opportunity to get into the betting industry with Punters Lounge back in 2008. Back then, Punters Lounge was the largest betting forum on the planet and I had the opportunity to write articles daily on football, horse racing, golf, rugby and other sporting events across the globe. That experience and journey dug the foundations to what has turned out to be an exciting career in the sports betting industry to date, and I have no doubt that it will only get better.

What are your favorite brands for Irish sports betting?

I am obsessed with quite a few sports but my number one love would probably be horse racing. Having placed my first bet back in 2004, I was hooked on the sport and since then I follow the sport religiously and continue to work in that industry daily. My other true love is GAA, in particular Gaelic Football as I grew up playing that game to a decent level when I was younger. However, I love hurling too. I love nothing more than a round of golf when I get the opportunity to do so, but I also love football and support Manchester United. 

How did you start exploring the world of online gambling?

When I was 18, I placed my first bet online and for all I preferred cash betting in shops and probably still do to this day, the convenience of online gambling can't be beat. Nowadays, I use online betting firms for all of my betting needs when I decide that I want to place a bet on horse racing or the GAA. The standard of modern technology these days is frighteningly good and it would be silly not to take advantage of all the tools at our disposal. If you are lucky enough to have a good betting account that isn't restricted, betting online is without doubt the way to go. In particular, I love the extra place terms and best odds guaranteed that is on offer online in the world of horse racing. It without doubt gives you an edge in the long run I think. 

What are your top favorite big sports memories that you wrote about?

Nothing compares to the Cheltenham Festival when it comes to enjoyment from writing. I was fortunate enough to tip Lord Windermere for the Gold Cup a few years back at huge odds of 50/1 and I also tipped One For Arthur at 25/1 for the Grand National at Aintree. Those two were the highlights for me in particular. I have also done some golf writing and love tipping the majors, in particular The Open and The Masters at Augusta.

What is the most exciting sport event that happened during your professional life as a content writer?

The most exciting event that has ever taken place for me as a content writer, hmm... Well, as already mentioned the Cheltenham Festival has to be right up there at the very top but the day Ireland beat England to win the Grand Slam in the Six Nations on Paddy's Day in Dublin in Croke Park has to be the most memorable sporting moment for me. It was an amazing day for all of us Irish people and it was simply amazing to be a part of it all, not only as a writer but also as a passionate Irishman. 

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