Mastering UFC Betting: Proven Tips & Winning Strategies


UFC Betting Tips & Strategies 

Simply put, there are few experiences in the world of athletics that can match the adrenaline rush of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It's a ferocious sport with only a few weight divisions and although there are rules to be adhered to, the savageness and cruelty of the sport is attractive to many.  

The evolution of the sport in recent times has been staggering, possibly thanks to Conor McGregor as the Irishman really put the sport on the worldwide map. There's money to be made on Online UFC betting sites and if you follow the sport closely you can get some juicy prices.  

This detailed guide is produced to give you some insight into UFC fight betting, including some clever strategies and top tips to steer you towards success. Most of our recommended online betting sites offer UFC betting, so let's get started. 

Types of UFC Bets  

So, you are just starting your UFC betting journey and where is the first place to start? It's by looking at what sort of bets you can place. You need to know what your betting options are before you learn anything else. Read on, as we go through the most popular UFC bet types.  


A UFC outright bet is a wager on which fighter is going to win the bout, it's as simple as that. Every fight will have odds formed for each fighter and then you choose which one you want to bet on. If a fighter is a big favourite to win, obviously his odds will be much shorter so you can expect a smaller payout. 

Round Over/Under

There are some 5 round fights, but the majority of fights in UFC can be around 3 rounds in a bout. A handicap line is set at 1½ rounds or 2½ rounds. So it's then up to you to choose if you think the fight will go under that line or over that line. You are either right or wrong. 

Going the Distance

The ‘going the distance’ bet is a bet on whether or not a UFC fight will go all the way to the very end of the final round or the alternative is to get stopped earlier. Again it's an either win or lose bet and it's a very popular one at that. 

Method of Victory

This is another hugely popular bet because different fighters have different strengths. For example, one might be a powerful puncher who can knock out an opponent, another might be great at wrestling, and another might have a habit of winning on points. This is where study can come in useful. 

Exact Round Finish

Most of the bets we have discussed so far offer small enough odds, but exact round finishes will pay handsomely if you get it right. With this bet, your job is to decide which round the fight is going to end in.  


An accumulator is a bet where you group together a bunch of fighters in different bouts to form one single bet. In order to win the acca bet, every one of the fighters that you select must win. So, yes it's a harder bet to land, but it can pay big odds. 

Best UFC Betting Sites 

Here at BettingTop10 you’ll find the list of the best online bookmakers offering betting on the UFC, along with the best betting apps and boxing sites in Ireland. What makes these recommended sites the best, you might ask? Well, we have researched them all and they offer the best bet types, the quickest payouts, and the easiest to use websites. Most importantly, though, these are safe and secure sites you can trust. Our four recommended sites are: 

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●     888sport 

UFC Betting Strategies 

If you are beginner to betting on UFC then this is the place for you. If you are unsure whether or not UFC betting is for you, then take a look at our strategies and then see if it is or not. Below, we have listed a few of the most important UFC betting tips and strategies for beginners.  

Patience is key

If you want to make UFC betting pay in the long run, then making sure that you don't bet on every fight is paramount as that's the quick way to the poorhouse. You should only place a bet on bouts that you have a clear fancy for and know what you are betting on. Even if it's the fight of the year, it doesn't mean it's a betting proposition. 

There's more to it than stats

Looking at statistics when UFC betting is important. However, stats don’t always tell the whole picture. Make sure you’re watching fight footage and looking for the intangibles that could have an impact on the outcome of a fight. Additionally, make sure you’re looking at the right statistics. 

Check your betting slips

It's easy to get a bit too excited as a beginner when placing bets so another tip is to make sure your betting slip is accurate before you press the submit button. Make sure your bet type is correct, along with the stake and odds. 

Don't listen to hype

Watching the UFC can be hugely exciting but it's very easy to be misled into betting on a fighter just because of the opinion of a pundit or a media person. Don't get hyped up too much and remain focused and thoughtful.  

Seek value 

As your betting journey progresses and you aim to become more of a pro punter on UFC betting, being able to fish out value is the key to success. The more often you can get a price bigger than what the actual odds of a bet should be, you will win in the long run. Remember to always bet responsibly though as betting is always meant to be fun.