Lay Betting Strategy 2023

Sam Hayes
Lay Betting Strategy 2023

Whilst it is certainly not a new concept, lay betting has enjoyed a new lease of life in recent years, as more people seek to make a profit from sports betting. The increase in sports betting sites in Ireland, the UK and beyond has led to more and more bookmakers seeking out innovative ways to encourage people to place a bet and lay betting has become part of that.

What is lay betting?

Essentially, lay betting works on the opposite sphere to ‘normal’ betting. It involves placing a bet on an outcome not to happen and ‘laying’ off the money against it. This means that the punter is effectively acting as the bookmaker and taking on the risk of the outcome occurring and betting against it accordingly.

Born from the concept of betting exchanges, lay betting was often used solely by bookmakers, to offset any losses from bets placed by punters. However, in 2023 the global sports betting landscape has changed, and the lay betting strategy has become far more common amongst regular punters, as they continue to seek new ways to make a profit.

What are some of the key lay betting strategies?

For most punters, the dread of being pipped at the post or seeing a last-minute goal crush an accumulator is an all-too familiar feeling. One of the key advantages of lay betting is that it allows punters to profit from a wider range of outcomes, not just the traditional win or lose options.

Up the underdogs

Arguably the most popular lay betting strategy is to focus on short-priced favourites. These are teams or individuals that are heavily expected to win their respective matches or events, in any given betting context. By laying these favourites, punters can take advantage of the high odds on offer and make a profit if the underdog pulls off an upset, a strategy that will always yield a higher return than simply backing the favourite.

Lay the draw

A lay betting strategy often seen in the world of football, laying the draw has become one of the most popular lay betting approaches in 2023. The idea behind this strategy is that most football matches have a winner, and by laying the draw, the punter can profit if either team wins, regardless of which team picks up the three points.

Lay the field

In a similar vein, laying the field is seen in the world of horse racing, where punters identify horses, they don’t think will win, rather than backing those who they think will get over the line first. This is somewhat of a lottery, as the unpredictability of horse racing can make it challenging, but it can be a lucrative and effective strategy.

Lay in-play

The emergence of in-play betting has had a profound impact on the lay betting strategies available to players in 2023, simply because there are so many options available to punters. In simple terms, it involves placing bets on outcomes during the course of a match or event. With lay betting, punters can take advantage of fluctuations in the odds and place bets on outcomes that they believe are less likely to happen as the match progresses.

Are lay betting strategies effective?

As with any betting strategy, the more intricate and detailed it is, the more likely it is to succeed. Lay betting works on the basis of trading off expected winners against the rest of the field, therefore plenty of prior research is key.

When using lay betting in the ante-post market, punters are looking for trends and patterns that enable them to go against the grain and bet against the favourites. Whilst the opportunistic nature of lay betting when in-play punting presents a huge number of different lay bets for players to access, and the fast-paced nature of lay betting makes it very attractive for some players.

Lay betting strategies

There is always a risk associated with any betting strategy and the unpredictability of sport means that a 100% success rate cannot be guaranteed.

However, effective lay betting can enable players to keep their bankroll ticking over and it is a strategy that can be beneficial in the armoury of all levels of punter.